Potential POP-PBDE-contaminated sites

Facility locations
POP-PBDEs production
Organobromine industry
Destruction of production waste
Sites where production waste has been destroyed
Deposition of production wastes
Former water discharge
River sediment and banks related to releases from production site
Application of POP-PBDEs
Production sites of POP-PBDE-containing polymers
Production site and deposited wastes
Textile industry and other industries formerly using POP-PBDEs
Production site and landfill with deposited wastes, river sediment and banks related to releases
Oil drilling
Contaminated soil and groundwater, off-shore contamination
End-of-life treatment
Recycling area of EEE
Recycling areas and landfills with deposited wastes and ashes
Metal industries treating POP-PBDE- containing materials
Production site and deposited wastes/ashes
Deposition of POP-PBDE-containing waste
Landfill and surrounding from leachate from POP-PBDE- containing wastes
Incineration of waste
Deposits of ash from incineration
Discharge of POP-PBDEs via wastewater
Sewage sludge
Application sites of sewage sludge containing POP-PBDEs
Agriculture land

Source: Guidance for the inventory of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) listed under the Stockholm Convention on POPs

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