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About E-waste Information Platform
Time: 2012-12-03 15:07:09     Author: XIN Liping

E-waste Information Platform was built by Tsinghua University / Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (abbreviated as BCRC China) under the financial sustainment of “Activities on Promoting the WEEE Management and Recycling” (Project of Sino-US environmental Cooperation Frame), “Research on Recycling and Control Techniques of Waste Household Appliances ”(Specific Non-profit Project on Environmental Industry Research) and “Demonstration Project on Recycling and Reuse of E-waste and other relevant waste in Suzhou High-tech Zone”, providing services for information exchange and sharing on WEEE management and recycling.

Based on the original board of E-waste, E-waste Information Platform assembles the information related to the management, recycling, processing technologies and other aspects of WEEE for information exchange and sharing.

Utilizing the E-waste Information Platform, outcomes of enterprise investigation, technical seminar and other activities could be shared, which will promote the exploration of WEEE management in China. Besides, this platform will act as an information exchange for organizations around the world that are involved in WEEE management, recycling, prevention of e-waste pollution and other related activities in China, thereby promoting cooperation and communication.